Your Company’s Elevator Pitch

If asked what your company does in 25 words or less, could you answer? How about in 100 words or less? In two minutes or less?

Now, what if any one of your employees was asked what your company does – would he or she be able to answer this? More important, would their answers be consistent with yours and upper management’s?

When business leaders think of marketing, they tend to think of it in terms of sales and advertising and often overlook strategic elements that are critical to conveying a consistent message to customers and stakeholders across the myriad of marketing channels. Being able to communicate your company’s products and/or services concisely and accurately to your intended audience is the foundation of an effective marketing strategy.

Equally important is training the entire staff on the “Company Elevator Pitch,” regardless of whether or not they are in sales or touch customers. Your employees are mouthpieces – every day they are presented with an opportunity to explain where they work, what they do and what the company does, be it on Facebook, at parties and family gatherings, at their children’s school activities, etc. You would be wise to encourage them to provide a positive and accurate impression.

In addition, key words pertaining to your company’s products and services are critical to creating an effective online presence. Gone are the days of meta tag manipulations; today’s search engines are content savvy, and inadequate key words will subvert a Google AdWords campaign.

I recently consulted a local franchisee of a national chain best known for carpet cleaning but also specializing in fire and water damage restoration services. He was frustrated, because they had no online presence for their restoration services and were losing to both local and national competitors. I pointed out that one simple thing they could change immediately on their website was how they were describing their services. Their competitors were using the term “water damage,” whereas his company was using the term “water mitigation.” Most consumers are not going to type “water mitigation” into Google when needing assistance after a flood.

Now is the perfect time of year to either develop your elevator pitch if you don’t have one or review and possibly tweak your pitch if you do. Work with your marketing team to create the following statements:

  • A company description in 25 words or less
  • A company description in 50 words or less
  • A company description 100 words or less

The descriptions should try to answer:

  • What is your product or service?
  • To whom are you selling your service or product?
  • What is your competitive advantage?

Once finalized, ensure these statements are accessible company-wide and worked into all marketing and communications tools moving forward.

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