Academy Stone – Bookkeeping

Adkins Arboretum – Finance Consulting & Bookkeeping Services

Alliance InfoSystems – Marketing & Communications Support, Website Content Development and Project Management

B&R Construction Services – Marketing Support & Website Content Development

Bayview Builders – Bookkeeping

Bridges Restaurant – Website Project Management & Content Development

Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center – Bookkeeping, Office Management

Chesapeake Regional Tech Council – Membership Development & Outreach, Marketing/ Public Relations; Bookkeeping

Collaborative Counseling Center – Marketing & PR for Business Launch

Grounded Electrical Construction – Branding, Marketing Support & Website Content Development

Inspirion, LLC – Bookkeeping

Midshore Machinery – Bookkeeping

Old-Growth Forest Network – Non-Profit Finance Management, HR & Bookkeeping Services

OmegaCor Technologies – RFP/Proposal Writing, Business Operations

Premier Mac – Office Management/Bookkeeping

Synergy Press, LLC – Bookkeeping

Teach to Lead – Admin/Bookkeeping

United Way of Caroline County – Non-Profit Finance Consulting & Bookkeeping

Washington Hill Mutual Homes – Non-Profit Finance Consulting & Bookkeeping

World Wide Technology – Branding, Marketing & Sales Support for Managed Services and Advanced Solutions Products